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Dirty car driving in the snowy mountains

Winter's wrath brings freezing temps, snow, ice, and corrosive deicers, but that doesn't mean your car should suffer. Autowash has your back! Heres a few tips to help your vehicle stay clean and safe even in the toughest months of the year:

WASH FREQUENTLY: Don't wait for a thaw to clean your car. Washing off fresh layers of snow and magnesium chloride is easier and prevents buildup. Regular washing, especially right after storms, provides crucial prevention of corrosion and protection from future issues. It may seem counterintuitive to wash when the roads are still messy, but Autowash members can wash daily, making this season the perfect time to join.

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CLEAR VISION FOR SAFE DRIVING: Utilize those sunny Colorado days or the warmth of a garage for a chance to scrub your glass. Road film can diminish visibility and after miles in the snow, your wipers may have ground in the winter grime making it hard for the wash to remove. A thorough wipe with a quality microfiber towel and glass cleaner keeps you safe on the road.

A graphic of a cars Lidar system.

TECH CARE FOR WINTER WOES: Modern car tech like rearview cameras and advanced sensors need to be clean to work as intended. A quick wipe with a high-quality microfiber towel and Autowash x Adam’s Polishes Complete Clean keeps these features performing at their best. Bonus tip: Apply a layer of Adam’s Graphene Boost for longer-lasting cleanliness.

A vehicles dirty floor mats

ATTENDING TO INTERIORS: Winter isn't kind to your car's exterior and the interior is no different. Start with a simple mat shakeout even before you head to the wash and follow up with a thorough vacuum at our vacuum stations. For all-weather mats, our self-serve bays have mat holders and the high-pressure wash makes short work of stubborn road grime. Make sure to bring a towel and wipe them down before you put them back in the car!

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FRESHEN UP: It is often too cold this time of year to roll down windows for fresh air. Combat the stale air of a sealed winter car with Autowash x Adam’s Polishes Complete Clean. It works on interiors too! Simply spray a light mist on a microfiber towel and wipe all hard interior surfaces. It removes dust and smudges, plus it will freshen up your entire cabin with an amazing citrus scent. Stop by the vending area at our locations and grab an air freshener for an additional boost in fragrance!


Armed with these tips, your car will not only survive the winter but emerge ready to sparkle in the spring sunshine.

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