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Our Bug-a-way formula foam is available during the warmer months of the year and is specially formulated to remove bugs and other contaminates from the vehicle.  


Mag-a-way is available during the colder months of the year and is a great way to remove the mag-chloride and salts from your vehicle.  Starting with the Mag-a-way foam can help protect your vehicle while breaking down the inorganic dirts that appear in the winter.

Tire & Engine

Need to clean the road grime from your tires or remove the excess oil and dirt on your engine?  The Tire & Engine Cleaner is formaulated to remove grease and oil to keep your tires clean and your engine running cooler.  A dirty engine can run hotter and increase the wear and tear on your vehicle.  Caution: Don't use the Tire & Engine Cleaner on painted parts.


The Presoak application helps begin breaking down the grip that the dirts and contaminates have that are attached to your vehicle's surface.  The hot sun can bake dirt onto a vehicle's clear coat, making it harder to keep a vehicle clean and shiny.  Applying the presoak also loosens the dirt before you turn on the High Pressure Wash to make your job easier.

High Pressure Wash

High Pressure Wash allows you to blast dirt and grime away using high pressure low, low flow nozzles.  One of the biggest differences in washing at home and washing at the Autowash is the 1200 psi high pressure.   The typical home in Denver has between 60 and 90 psi.

Foam Brush

When High Pressure isn't enough, a little friction is always a great help.   The Foam Brush is an excellent tool to use at the wash featuring wobble head technology that prevents the use of the brush when foam is not keeping the brush clean.  Complete Crush foam soap is pumped through the brush to keep the brush lubricated and prevent scratching while removing surface dirt

Foaming Soap

Complete Crush Foaming Soap is ideal for preserving the shine in your vehicle's clear coat.  Intended to clean, the foam is designed to add illustrious shine to your vehicle and protect the clear coat keeping the paint bright while removing dirt from the surface.

High Pressure Rinse

High Pressure Rinse uses high power pumps to clear way the soaps and remaining dirt from the vehicle.  Unlike washing at home, you can be sure that the 1200 psi will remove the soaps that could be left behind by just using a low pressure system such as a garden hose.  Leaving soap residue on your vehicle can damage the clear coat and leave a dull film on the vehicle.  

High Pressure Wax

Superior Shine Speed Wax is designed to help water and dirt repel from the vehicle's surface.  This means that the hard work you put into cleaning your vehicle will last longer when the wax option is used.  Extend the time between washes by applying the high pressure wax and watch the water bead off the car the next time it rains or snows.  

Spot Free Rinse

Autowash's Spot Free Rinse uses triple-filterd, reverse osmosis water with 99.995% of all minerals removed.  Using the Spot Free Rinse ensures that no mineral deposits will be left on the vehicle after the wash.  

Drying your vehicle with a towel or shammee is recommended to keep road dirt from the ride home from sticking to water still dripping from the vehicle.

Air Dryer

The Air Shamee Air Dyrer is the last step in finishing a beautiful clean vehicle.  Use the Air Dryer to clear water out of hard to reach areas such as door jams, mirrors, gas door covers and trunk/hood openings.   The last thing you want to see after you wash your car are the drips from water that was hiding in the door handles or mirrors.   

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