Autowash Fleet is the easy way to keep your fleet of vehicles clean all the time, allowing your customers to see your best!  If you're like us, you take pride in how your fleet looks, and the last thing you want a customer seeing is a dirty vehicle!  Now you can easily maintain your fleet through our Autowash App that makes managing a fleet account a snap!

With Autowash Fleet, you get access to your own Fleet Manager's Portal where you can add and remove users when you need to, real time.

Reporting lets you see instantly who is washing, when they are washing and where they are washing so you can keep tabs on your entire fleet.  


Simple, automated monthly billing and invoicing provides the records of the maintenance each month.

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$30 per Driver

Simplified Monthly Billing

Send us an email or give us a call to get started.  Its FREE to set up and you only pay for each driver; they wash as often as they need.

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Autowash Fleet uses our mobile membership app to easily give access to users.  No cards or codes to hassle with.  Whether you have 5 users or 500, the system makes it easy.  When you set up a user, they receive an invitation to download the app and sign in with the credentials you set up.  

Fleet Users are able to select the services necessary to wash their fleet vehicle, including Self-Serve and Automatic washes. 

Choose whether Fleet Users can wash multiple times a day or once a day at multiple locations if they are traveling across the city.  Autowash has 18 locations across the front range with more locations opening soon.

At the end of each month, a detailed invoice is created and sent to the Fleet Manager and the card on file is automatically charged. 
100% Hassle Free.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be billed for my Autowash Fleet?

Billing for Autowash Fleet is handled automatically through the manager portal. The Fleet manager can update the payment information in the portal and at the end of each month, the usage is invoiced and the card on file is charged. No hassle and no fuss! Plus, it’s easy to update your card or turn your plan off.

Once I am enrolled, will I be able to use the app at any of your Autowash Car Wash locations?

Autowash Fleet can be used at any of our Autowash Car Wash locations.

Can I use my Autowash Fleet with more than one vehicle?

Yes! You can use the app with more than vehicle. The Autowash Fleet is based on the email address of the user, so if a user is reponsible for multiple vehicles, they can use the wash as needed, as long as they have their device with their account on it with them. As the fleet manager, you decide if a driver needs to wash 1x per day or can purchase additional wash time as needed.

Still Have Questions? Contact Our Autowash Customer Team

If you still have questions about signing up or how the program works, our team members will be able to best assist you.

· email us at

· call our team at 303-927-9061

Autowash App Terms & Conditions

View the Terms & Conditions here

Does Fleet include Self-Serve washing?

Yes. Fleet users are able to use the Self-Serve bays to wash your fleet. The app provides 16-minute wash codes and 3-minute bonus codes for your team to use the self-serve bay. They just enter the code and the bay turns on. Press the 'stop' button to turn the bay off when they are finished.

How does the Autowash Fleet work?

Users download the Autowash App, and choose the wash they want to use. They can also choose vacuum time. The code will automatically appear on thier screen and they simply enter the code on the teller/bayMaster in front of the wash bay they are going to use, instead of paying for each wash, they just enter the code. Be sure to carefully read all the screens your first time through until you get the hang of it, we really tried to make it very simple to use! Hope that helps!

How do I use the vacuums?

Fleet users can get vacuum codes as they need. Select Vacuum from the menu in the app! Each vacuum code turns a vacuum on for 4 minutes and is the equivalent of $1.