Today’s modern vehicle washes have to meet high performance requirements. While the most important is to do a perfect cleaning job, it is also important to be gentle on the vehicle’s paint and sensitive finish. Additionally today’s vehicle washes must be environmentally efficient, operate automatically and provide intelligence and information. No single factor, water pressure, detergent or temperature, is responsible for the quality of touch-free car washing. The right mix of all three are necessary for the ultimate cleaning. *Prices may vary per location.

AUTOMATIC Touch-Free Contour Wash

All wash levels include:

  • Powerful Heated undercarriage

  • 2-stage Heated Presoak to break up dirt and grime featuring Comtec Clean and Fortify Plus with mag-chloride remover

  • Industry best High Pressure rinse with a Rocker Panel and Wheel Blaster cleaning technology

  • Heated Wax protectant

  • Spot Free Rinse featuring Triple Filtered, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Mineral Free water 

Have These  or other attachments?

Vehicles with attachments (including factory installed) may ONLY use the

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We are proud to host German-engineered equipment with performance that is unmatched in the car washing industry. It is important to administer high quality cleaning while at the same time using chemicals that are effective but gentle on a vehicle's paint and sensitive finish. This is what we are accomplishing at Autowash. We have also programmed our automatics to have the optimal chemical dwell time needed to clean a car, which allows the chemicals time to "eat off" dirt and grime. Our Automatics have 1200 PSI making it able to get the toughest of dirt off. No other brand of automatics in the area deliver this cleaning power.

Every car should be hand cleaned periodically for optimum maintenance and finish performance. Many other washes use harmful chemicals to ‘burn‘ dirt off of your vehicle try to compensate. At Autowash, we use a delicate balance of detergents, heated water and pressure (1200psi) to provide maximum clean.


Most other automatic car washes don’t get all the dirt off of your vehicle and then the wax finish cycle traps the dirt onto your car or truck. Most people don’t notice the dirt still on their car, but its there. The only way to get the clean you are looking for is to use a car wash that treats your car right.


Using our self-serve is the good-old-fashioned way to clean your car. At Autowash, we have the highest quality self-serve equipment available, including tri-color foam conditioner, foam brushes and air dryers.

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