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The Autowash Showroom is here to provide your car, truck, or SUV with the absolute best in express detailing services. While our touchless car wash locations are perfect for your regular cleaning needs, at least once a year your car needs more thorough cleaning to remove bonded contamination that regular washing alone cannot. The Showroom and our team of surface care specialists provide a unique type of express detail service designed to maximize results as quickly and conveniently as possible for you!


Express detailing services provide great results, quickly and conveniently. We specialize in this type of service because we know your time is valuable. Our services are all designed to be completed in an hour or less and deliver significant improvements to your vehicle's appearance at a fair price. If you're looking for more extensive services, such as ceramic coating, paint protection film, or full paint correction we work with a network of trusted local partners that specialize in these services and are happy to provide referrals based on your needs. If you're looking for high-quality, convenient, professional appearance care you've come to the right place! 



Using the advanced, non-corrosive chemistry and proprietary equipment at our Autowash locations is great for cleaning your vehicle, but at least every 12 months your vehicle’s exterior surface needs a deep cleaning to remove embedded contamination and stubborn road films that washing alone cannot.

Each Essential Detail starts with a thorough hand wash to gently clean every nook and cranny of your vehicle’s exterior. Once the wash is complete, our team of professionals uses a combination of chemical and mechanical decontamination to dissolve and lift embedded contamination, industrial fallout, tree sap, paint overspray, and other stubborn particles leaving your paint and glass silky smooth. We then seal your paint with a polymer sealant that enhances gloss and protects the painted surfaces. Before you take delivery, all glass surfaces will be cleaned inside and out to a streak-free shine and a water-based tire dressing is applied to give you a new-tire look and UV protection to preserve the rubber.

*Does not include polishing, interior, or engine bay services


Refresh your car inside and out by adding our Interior Refresh onto your Essential Detail. After we complete the exterior process our team will perform a light vacuum and one-step clean + protection process on your interior surfaces including dash, door panels, and other hard surfaces. Leather surfaces are treated with the appropriate solution when applicable at no additional charge. 

*Interior Refresh will not address excessive dirt and/or contamination like dog hair, spills, or stains. Interior Refresh is available only as an add on to the Essential Detail, not available as a stand-alone service. 



Want to take your member special to an even higher level? The Paint Enhancement add-on includes a 1-step machine polishing process by our expert technicians. High-tech micro-abrasives and the latest in paint polishing chemistry are used to further refine the surface of the paint, reducing the appearance of fine lines and scratches to bring out high gloss and luster while depositing a durable SiO2 nano-coating for increased slickness and longer durability that will make cleaning and maintenance easier for up to 12 months.

This service will not remove deeper scratches, severe oxidation or other defects, but the paint enhancement process can deliver significant improvement to the overall appearance of the paint.

*Paint Enhancement services are available only as an upgrade to the Essential Detail, not a stand-alone service.


Boost your Essential Detail with an additional layer of ceramic protection! After the exterior of your vehicle has been thoroughly cleaned and sealed with our Essential Detail service we add an additional layer of ceramic-infused protection to increase longevity and hydrophobic properties. This secondary coat forms another layer of protection for your paint, making cleaning easier while enhancing the gloss and clarity of your paint. 

*Protection Upgrade is not a stand-alone service and can be added to any other service package starting with the Essential Detail.

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