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Wash anytime, 24 hours a day

The membership app unlocks the entire wash menu including our top level Superior Plus with Complete Crush Foam and hydrophobic Superior Shine to wash the dirt away.  You get to pick which wash level you want any day of the week!

 Download the app to get started...

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Unlock the Autowash App

Colorado's #1 Carwash


Don't worry about the weather, you are guaranteed to love the freedom to wash whenever you want.


And we've made the app so easy to use, simply open the app when you're on location and select your wash, then enter the code on the teller. 

The Autowash App is the fast and easy way to keep your car bright and shiny all the time. It’s everything you love about using the Autowash in a simple, easy to use app. When you download the app and subscribe, you will protect your cars value and be able to wash every day, no long term contract, and simple monthly billing.

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  • Wash Everyday

  • Multiple Area Locations

  • Exclusive Car Care Deals

  • No Long Term Contract

  • Convenient Monthly Billing

  • Includes a Free Exterior Detail!



Share your Autowash Membership with your family!

$15/month  for the first family member

$10/month for each additional family member

One Wash Per Day Per Family

Additional Family Terms Apply.  See FAQs or Terms in the App



Scratch-free Guarantee

or when you need that extra touch
(16 minutes per wash)

Bonus Time Self-Serve

Now Included
(3 minutes)

Dog Wash

(where available)

Keep the pup clean and healthy all year long!
(15 minutes per wash)

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be billed for my Autowash App?

The day you sign up becomes your monthly recurring payment date for each consecutive month you are on the program. No hassle and no fuss! Plus, it’s easy to update or cancel your plan. You can check the status of your account in the User Settings section of the app.

Once I am enrolled, will I be able to use the app at any of your Autowash Car Wash locations?

Yes, the Autowash App can be used at any of our Autowash Car Wash locations.

Can I use my Autowash App with more than one vehicle?

Yes! You can use the app with more than vehicle, however you can only wash one car a day with the membership plan.
Additional washes per day are available for purchase at member discount pricing if you need to wash more than once per day.

Still Have Questions? Contact Our Autowash Customer Team

If you still have questions about signing up or how the program works, our team members will be able to best assist you.

· email us at

· call our team at 303-927-9061

Available 9am to 6pm daily.

Autowash App Terms & Conditions

View the Terms & Conditions here or see below.

As an Autowash App member, you understand that your credit card will automatically charge each month until the Membership is cancelled or terminated. No prior notification of such charges will be provided unless the date or amount changes, in which case Autowash will provide at least 30 days’ notice prior to payment being collected.

The Autowash Pay-Per-Wash feature is not part of the Membership and purchases using this feature are not refundable for Membership or reimbursement. Users that use the Pay-Per-Wash feature acknowledge that they are choosing to purchase additional wash codes beyond the 1 wash per day included in the membership and will be charged for each wash they purchase using the card on file.

Discounts and coupons for memberships. No refunds or credits will be provided for first month discounts or coupons. Discounts and Coupons have no cash value. Additional member benefits and offers, including free offers, are subject to availability and continued membership good standing. Some discounts may be applicable only to new users.

Cancellations must be received before the renewal of the next billing date; otherwise you may be charged for that month and the cancellation will not be effective until the following billing date.

To cancel your membership call (303) 927-9061 or send an email to If you are unable to reach a representative by phone, leave a voicemail with your name, membership email, and phone number so that we can process the request. Memberships can only be canceled by speaking with a representative or sending an email and receiving the cancellation confirmation.

Email requests must be received 24 hours before the billing to guarantee the cancellation is processed in time. The fastest and easiest way to cancel is to call and speak with a representative.

Deleting or otherwise removing the app from your mobile device is NOT considered a cancellation request and refunds will not be provided for users who simply delete the app and do not follow the cancellation process above.


Autowash may issue refunds pro-rata if the membership has not been used in the current billing period. If the membership has been used during the current billing period (by pulling 2 or more codes), refunds will not be issued. Any usage during the billing period may reduce any amount to be refunded.

Multiple Devices

The membership app is per user and a user’s 1 mobile device. Sharing login information across multiple devices is prohibited, no more than 1 device per user is permitted. App membership may not be used for Fleet services without express permission from Autowash and must use the Fleet program within the app.

Users with a ‘false’ email, alternate email, or misspelled email combined with use of the benefits of the membership, agree to all the terms and conditions of the app whether received or not. You have declined your opportunity to receive receipts and you agree to hold Autowash harmless for any act connected to the use of the app or Autowash facilities.

Autowash is not responsible for duplicate accounts created by users. We will do our best to discover similar emails, however No refunds will be given for charges resulting from multiple accounts with different email addresses. Any overpayments on a single email account will be credited to that account as a paid-in-advance credit and will not be refunded.

Taxis, limos, app-based transportation services (including but not limited to Uber and Lyft) and other professional transportation vehicles may be limited; Autowash may terminate a Membership upon a violation of these terms and conditions. Usage of more than 10 washes in a month is prohibited for Ride Share and other business services. This membership is not to be used by businesses to increase personal profit.

Autowash reserves the right to limit membership usage to 10 washes per month during extreme during drought conditions as dictated by the state. Please respect the environment.

Autowash is not responsible for lack of cell phone coverage or connection limitations that may prevent use on any given day. Refunds or credits will not be provided due to poor cell phone connectivity or other personal device limitations.

​The Membership cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, prepaid washes or gift cards.

Autowash reserves the right to close locations due to inclement weather, holidays, equipment maintenance, unforeseeable natural disasters, governmental requirements, location upgrades, or any other reason to maintain the facilities as a going concern.

Referral credits have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash. The Referral promotion is only available in the app. Members who join without using a referral code do not qualify to receive the promotional discount or credit.

Users are responsible for taking care to observe all caution signs and warnings at Autowash locations, including but not limited to signage regarding automobile accessories and attachments. Users will be held liable for damage caused to Autowash locations for failure to obey all signage. Failure to comply with site signage will result in immediate cancellation of membership.

Autowash is not responsible or liable for damages, real or implied, from users using the app membership to wash their vehicles beyond the amount paid for the subscription during the month of the incident in question.

Autowash is not responsible for the loss of a daily code due to unforeseen equipment malfunction, user error, other customer user errors, etc.

​Autowash reserves the right to modify or cancel this program and the Membership at any time.


Autowash or its affiliated companies (“we”) may need to provide you with certain communications, notices, agreements, billing statements, or disclosures in writing (“Communications”) regarding your Membership or our other products or services. Providing your email address and accepting these terms and conditions confirms your ability and consent to receive Communications electronically, rather than in paper form. You have the right to receive any Communication in paper form. To request a paper copy of any Communication at no charge, please write to us at 7005 E. 46th Avenue Drive B, Denver, CO 80216 attention: Autowash App, specifying the Communication you would like to receive. You may withdraw your consent to receive electronic Communications at any time, by writing to us at the address above.

Does the App include Self-Serve washing?

Yes. You are able to use the Self-Serve bays to wash your car. The app provides a daily 14-minute code for you to use the self-serve bay, just enter your code and the bay is all yours. Press the 'stop' button to turn the bay off when you are finished. The app can only provide one (1) vehicle car wash code per day.

Does the App include Dog washing?

Yes. You are able to use the Dog Wash Bays to wash your pup. The app provides multiple 15-minute codes for you to use the dog wash bay, just enter your code and the bay is all yours. Press the 'stop' button to turn the bay off when you are finished.

How does the Autowash App work?

When you download the Autowash App, and subscribe, the app gives you full access to all Autowash car wash locations. The app knows your location so all you have to do hit "Start Washing" and choose a wash following the screen prompts. The app lets you pay for washes at a discount as a non-member or you can subscribe to the membership that lets you wash every day for just $35/month. The app is ready to use for Self-Serve, Automatic, Vacuums, Dog Washes and the Express Wash. Be sure to carefully read all the screens your first time through until you get the hang of it, we really tried to make it very simple to use! Hope that helps!

How do I use the vacuums?

You can get vacuum codes as you need, all you have to do is select Vacuum from the menu in the app! Then enter the code on the vacuum. Each code gives you 4 minutes of vacuum time.

How does the Family Plan work?

The Autowash Family Plan allows you, the Member to add up to 5 additional family users to your account at a reduced rate from the full subscription pricing.
By using the Family Plan, family users who are added to your account will be able to use your membership incuding the daily wash allowance. In addition to the daily wash, family users will be able to purchase additional washes. By adding family users to your membership account, you give them express permission to use the wash and/or pay for additional services using your payment method on file and you agree to
be responsible for any transactions created by your family plan. The Family Plan is subject to the 1 car wash per day limit per family. Each family user added to the account will have access to the use the car wash. That means that all members of the family plan share the single ‘free’ wash per day. Once the first member of the family plan uses the daily free wash, the remaining users of the family plan will need to either purchase additonal washes to use it on the same day or wait unitl the
following day to use the daily wash. The daily wash clock resets at 12:00am each night.
Member deals are per family membership, some deals may be limited to 1 redemption per Family.
Each user is required to comply with the safety signage and app agreements whether displayed at the car wash or in the mobile app.
Family members will be able to purchase additional washes in a day at the current Member Pricing Discount of 30%.
The addition of a family user to your Membership will result in a prorated increase in your monthly amount and will be calculated and presented to you before finalizing the transaction.
Pay-Per-Wash transactions are also presented to the user with the discount applied before finalizing the transaction. Until the Purchase button has been selected, users may exit/cancel out of the process at any time by hitting the back button on their device or selecting a back arrow. No refunds will be given for pay-per-wash transactions. You may remove a family user at any time and the fee will be automatically prorated by the payment processor.
Users who already have a pre-existing subscription may not be added to the Family Plan while that subscription is active. Refunds will not be provided for cancelled membership subscriptions under the normal terms and conditions of that membership.
The terms of the family plan are superceded by the overall Autowash Terms and Conditions.

Can I share my membership?

The membership is limited to (1) mobile device per user. To properly share and add more devices to the membership, add users with the Family Plan in the app. Family Plan lets you easily add users each month. To remove a user, a simple email or phone call to our support team will get you squared away. Adding users will adjust your billing based on the number of days left in your billing cycle.

How does the Garage work?

The Garage is a fun feature to personlize the app. You may add as many vehicles as needed to your plan. Adding vehicles does NOT limit your membership, you may still wash any vehicle, any day.