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Wash anytime, 24 hours a day

The membership app unlocks the entire wash menu including our top level Superior Plus with Complete Crush Foam and hydrophobic polymers to sheet the dirt away.  You get to pick which wash level you want any day of the week!

Ready to enjoy wash freedom? Download the app to get started...

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Unlock the Autowash App

Colorado's #1 Carwash

Don't worry about the weather, you are guaranteed to love the freedom to wash whenever you want.


And we've made the app so easy to use, simply open the app when you're on location and select your wash, then enter the code on the teller. 

The Autowash App is the fast and easy way to keep your car bright and shiny all the time. It’s everything you love about using the Autowash in a simple, easy to use app. When you download the app and subscribe, you will protect your cars value and be able to wash every day, no long term contract, and simple monthly billing.

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  • Wash Everyday

  • Multiple Area Locations

  • Exclusive Car Care Deals

  • No Long Term Contract

  • Convenient Monthly Billing

  • Includes a Free Exterior Detail!




Scratch-free Guarantee



or when you need that extra touch

(14 minutes per wash)

Bonus Time Self-Serve

Now Included
(3 minutes)

Dog Wash

(where available)

Keep the pup clean and healthy all year long!
(15 minutes per wash)

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be billed for my Autowash App?

The day you sign up becomes your monthly recurring payment date for each consecutive month you are on the program. No hassle and no fuss! Plus, it’s easy to update or cancel your plan. You can check the status of your account in the User Settings section of the app.

Once I am enrolled, will I be able to use the app at any of your Autowash Car Wash locations?

Yes, the Autowash App can be used at any of our Autowash Car Wash locations.

Can I use my Autowash App with more than one vehicle?

Yes! You can use the app with more than vehicle, however you can only wash one car a day with the membership plan.
Additional washes per day are available for purchase at member discount pricing if you need to wash more than once per day.

Still Have Questions? Contact Our Autowash Customer Team

If you still have questions about signing up or how the program works, our team members will be able to best assist you.

· email us at

· call our team at 303-927-9061

Available 9am to 6pm daily.

Autowash App Terms & Conditions

View the Terms & Conditions here

Does the App include Self-Serve washing?

Yes. You are able to use the Self-Serve bays to wash your car. The app provides a daily 14-minute code for you to use the self-serve bay, just enter your code and the bay is all yours. Press the 'stop' button to turn the bay off when you are finished. The app can only provide one (1) vehicle car wash code per day.

Does the App include Dog washing?

Yes. You are able to use the Dog Wash Bays to wash your pup. The app provides multiple 15-minute codes for you to use the dog wash bay, just enter your code and the bay is all yours. Press the 'stop' button to turn the bay off when you are finished.

How does the Autowash App work?

When you download the Autowash App, and subscribe, the app fully opens up. The app knows your location so all you have to do hit "Start Washing" and choose a wash following the screen prompts. The app lets you pay for washes at a discount or you can subscribe to the membership that lets you wash every day for just $35/month. The app is good to use for Self-Serve, Automatic, Vacuums, Dog Washes and the Express Wash. Be sure to carefully read all the screens your first time through until you get the hang of it, we really tried to make it very simple to use! Hope that helps!

How do I use the vacuums?

You can get vacuum codes as you need, all you have to do is select Vacuum from the menu in the app! Then enter the code on the vacuum. Each code gives you 4 minutes of vacuum time.

Can I share my account?

Membership in the Autowash App is only permitted to be on one (1) mobile device at a time. The Autowash concept is that as long as your mobile device is in the car, the membership benefits can be used. That means you can wash your car (or multiple cars if you have more than one) up to every day of the month. We don't limit you with a sticker in your car or restrict you to 1 vehicle license plate. And, since it only takes 2 washes a month to pay for the membership, you get to enjoy the most generous car wash memebership in the country.