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 and your dog! 

The Dog Wash is an innovative and technologically advanced self-serve coin-operated dog wash system. It is a fully self-contained unit, which shampoos, conditions, blow dries and de-fleas dogs in as little as 10 minutes. It provides the wash quality of a professional groomer while offering customers a convenient, economical and simple way to wash their dog.

Most people who wash their dog at home experience problems due to lack of space, cooperation of the dog and the amount of clean up involved. Now you can easily wash your dogs at Autowash because the Dog Wash provides a safe wash space where dogs feel more comfortable, while providing easy clean up for the customer.

Now featuring softened water for healthier happier dogs!

  Helpful Info:

We get asked about the water temperature often.  Many people would like to bathe dogs with warm water. This can be uncomfortable for the dog and in some cases: dangerous. If the bath water is too warm, you can overheat the dog. Adding a hot dryer to this and you could cause a problem especially with large breeds and dogs that are overweight who have a difficult time cooling down.

For water to feel warm to your touch the temperature must be higher than your body temperature which is 98.6. Water that feels warm is over 100 degrees, much too warm for the dog’s bath.

Water that is around 80 degrees is perfect. It should feel “room temperature” to you. Protect the dog from chilling after the bath by wrapping in a towel and using a warm (not hot) dryer. 


You also should not use shampoo that is made for humans on your pet. Human shampoos contain harsher detergents, are not pH balanced for pets, and could damage hair or sensitive skin. 

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