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Orange porsche being detailed at Autowash


Autowash provides the best touch-free and self-serve car wash thanks to our proprietary process and specialized non-corrosive chemistry. However, if you're looking to take your vehicle protection to the next level with professional paint correction services, ceramic coatings, or even PPF you want a shop you can trust. To take the guesswork out of choosing the right shop to assist with these elevated services Autowash has created a network of trusted partners, shops that we would (or in some cases have) trusted with our own personal vehicles. In turn, these shops confidently recommend Autowash to their clients as a safe, effective, and convenient way to wash their ceramic coated and/or PPF'd vehicles.  

Steve Olech - Colorado Detail

“We always tell our clients to use Autowash touchless car washes as their process will never void the warranty of the protective products we apply to vehicles"

Detail partner


The world is hard on vehicles. Weather conditions, UV rays, and just general exposure all take their tool. Certainly a high-quality wash at Autowash is ideal for keeping your car clean, but having a long-term foundational layer of protection goes a long ways toward preserving your vehicles finish. The hardened outer shell of a ceramic coating acts as a sacraficial barrier between your vehicle and the elements, taking the brunt of the abuse so your car stays shining. As an added bonus it helps the car stay cleaner for longer and even makes washing easier/more effective as dirt is less prone to sticking. A ceramic coating is a great investment in your vehicles long term appearance! And because Autowash is certified ceramic coating safe, you can wash with confidence knowing that our processes serve to not only preserve the coating, but add additional layers of enhancement and protection with each visit. 

Black car getting a ceramic coating detail


Do you operate a detailing business in Colorado providing high-end detailing services, paint protection film, or similar automotive appearance care services? Then we want to talk to you! Autowash is always looking to partner with high-quality service providers in the area that we can trust with referrals.

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