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About Us

DO NO HARM: The Autowash Touchless Washing Philosophy

At Autowash we do things differently than most car washes because we love our cars, and we are sure you do too! That is why we've developed a better car washing process and continue to be the best touchless cleaning experience you'll find anywhere. 


So the next time you find yourself in one of Autowash's automatic touchless bays, take a moment to appreciate the process. As our carefully selected combination of filtered, warmed, and pressurized water rinses the acid-free soaps from your paint, know that you're doing the right thing for your car, giving it a premium touchless cleaning experience that will never cause damage or dull your finish!

Autowash makes maintaining a clean, scratch-free car easy! Our 20+ locations feature the industry’s best in touch-free and self-serve car wash equipment and chemistry. Use the app to purchase your washes and save with automatic discounts, or join our membership program and wash as much as you like for one fixed, low monthly cost.


Our Story

We are always asked, how did you get started in the automotive appearance business? It is actually a fun and personal story to tell. In 2006, when we got married, we attended a financial seminar boot camp to make sure we started our marriage and our 
family on the right financial foot. After three long, jam-packed, and exhausting days, we decided that the best way to turn our financial future around was to build some kind of passive income business stream. 

We were looking for an opportunity to build a family, to build a business, and ultimately to build wealth.

After looking at the various options that fit this ideal, we decided on the automotive appearance industry and wanted to own and operate car washes. After almost a decade of strategizing, failing, capital raising, and consistent effort - we made it. It took opening eight car wash locations and serving almost 500,000 customers annually to build our foundation. Then something funny happened. Our neighbor, bless him, was staining his fence one day and some over-spray got onto our white Suburban. Our brand new, shiny, white car was covered in greyish-brown speckles. We thought... No big deal! We have the best car wash around… we will just take it to the wash. 

After several washes, we realized that this was a big deal. No matter what we did, we couldn’t get the stain off. We were stumped. Literally. Two years went by with us driving around in this car covered in stain with no way, that we knew of, to get it off. By happenstance, we met a detailer one afternoon and began discussing the issue with 
him. His response, No big deal! 

After a demonstration with this detailer, we began to realize the lack of education in the automotive appearance industry and made it our family goal to understand the various intricacies of chemistry, application, and routine maintenance. 

Being in the auto appearance industry, we have always listened to the pains and problems of our customers. We knew that there were a lot of trade secrets out there, but it was our own experience that made us want to figure out how to get these secrets into the hands of everyday car enthusiasts. 

As Autowash continues to grow, we are excited to bring car owners, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts into the fold. We are thrilled to begin a new chapter of the Autowash story with several hundred advocates helping to bring the right chemistry, tools, and techniques to everyday drivers. 

We are excited that you are joining us on this road to success!

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