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Ceramic Coating a Black Vehicle

Is Autowash Safe for Ceramic Coated Cars?

Ceramic coatings represent the pinnacle of vehicle exterior protection, offering unparalleled durability, ease of cleaning, and a stunning glass-like finish. However, maintaining this protective layer requires the proper care. The use of wash processes that use abrasive cloths can scratch a coating the same way it would scratch paint. Harsh corrosives can cause the coating to fail prematurely. Even the choice of water can be a problem as many ceramic coatings are susceptible to water spotting. At Autowash, we're dedicated to providing services that not only respect but enhance your vehicle's ceramic coating to ensure it stays intact for years to come!

BMW being washed in an automatic wash bay

Touchless Cleaning for Ultimate Safety:

A touchless cleaning process guarantees that ceramic coatings remain unscathed. The Autowash process is anchored by our proprietary touch-free equipment, relying on filtered, heated, high-pressure jets to clean without scrubbing the surface. Add the proprietary non-corrosive, and ceramic-infused chemistry, finished with spot-free water to ensure a superior clean without risking damage to your coating.

Water beading off ceramic coated vehicle

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Boosting Your Coating's Longevity:

Autowash is not just safe for ceramic-coated cars; it's beneficial. Our washes, featuring ceramic and graphene-infused chemistry, amplify the water-beading performance and longevity of your ceramic coating. Most importantly, Autowash has been very careful to utilize raw ingredients in all our chemistry to ensure there are no low-quality silicones or wax additives that will “clog” the coating or diminish performance over time.

Certified Ceramic Safe:

Car washing is only a part of the overall automotive appearance car cycle, which is why Autowash partners with dozens of local professional detail shops and ceramic coatings specialists. These partner shops offer the elevated level of service that car washes cannot, and Autowash is proud to recommend these shops to our customers as trusted sources for paint correction and ceramic coating services. In turn, Autowash is recommended by these shops as a safe and effective solution for maintenance cleaning of the cars they ceramic coat. As a matter of fact, when polled a significant percentage of Autowash customers indicated they come to Autowash specifically because it was recommended by the shop that applied their coating or the coating manufacturer.

A chart of cars referred by customers detailer

Influential Partners:

You won’t find many car washes that get the endorsement of car care product companies, but recognized industry leaders in DIY car care, Adam's Polishes, actively endorse Autowash for our process and how it can complement their products in the appearance care cycle for vehicles, especially those with ceramic coating. This collaboration extends to Autowash offering products manufactured by Adam’s Polishes, including Graphene Boost, to enhance the foundational protection of your coating and further supplement the added layers of protection seen with every wash at Autowash.

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So, is Autowash safe for ceramic-coated cars?

The answer is a resounding “YES!”

As car enthusiasts ourselves, many members of the Autowash team rely on ceramic coatings for our base layer of protection to keep our prized vehicles looking their best. The formulas and processes that we put into each Autowash location must not only meet a strict performance standard, but they must comply with our own personal requirements to maintain our vehicles to the highest standards. Autowash's commitment to supporting ceramic coatings through safe, effective cleaning solutions is unmatched. Our partnership with local ceramic coating shops, Adam's Polishes, car dealerships, clubs, and associations speaks volumes about that commitment. Our services ensure your vehicle receives the best care, preserving its pristine condition and protective coating, because that is what we expect for our own personal vehicles and that is what you expect...Because you love your car!™️

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