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Non-Corrosive Chemistry: The Autowash Difference

The Chemistry Behind a Clean Car

A car pulling out of automatic wash bay at Autowash
Keeping a clean car shining is easy, if you know what kind of car wash to choose.

For avid automobile aficionados, a sparkling, clean car isn't just about appearances – it’s a sign of care, passion, dedication, and pride of ownership. But what chemicals are used to maintain that polished sheen is a science unto itself. The choice of cleaning chemicals plays a pivotal role in maintaining your vehicle’s appearance and for our loyal Autowash family, we make sure it's always the right kind.

Why Standard Car Washes Can Do More Harm Than Good

It's a question that may have never crossed your mind: “How could a simple soap damage my car?” But here’s the surprising truth: not all soaps are created equal.

Tesla being washed at Autowash
A Tesla enjoys an Incredible Wash car wash at Autowash

When diving into the world of car wash solutions, one quickly realizes that many establishments use cost-effective, low-grade soaps with highly corrosive content. Essentially, these soaps "burn" away the dirt from your car's surfaces. This sounds effective, right? The problem lies in the long-term ramifications of these harsh, acidic chemicals. Many car washes prioritize cleaning more vehicles in less time without pondering the long-term consequences.

While these aggressive soaps are efficient, they can wreak havoc on your car's exterior. They lead to premature aging of rubber trims and door seals, dulling of the clear coat surfaces, and discoloration of chrome or aluminum embellishments. Moreover, if you've invested time and effort into applying protective layers like wax or sealant, or ceramic coating, a single visit to such car washes strips it away, leaving your car’s paint vulnerable.

A banner full of Autowash benefits

Autowash: Where Quality and Care Meet

At Autowash, we don't just see cars as machines; we see them as cherished investments. We recognize that for many, their car trails only their home in terms of significant financial commitments. But it's more than just about money – it’s about memories, experiences, and journeys.

This understanding drives our approach to car cleaning. By leveraging state-of-the-art chemistry, we employ exclusive, premium non-corrosive formulations that prioritize your vehicle's safety. No harsh chemicals, no shortcuts – just thorough, gentle cleaning. When you detect that delightful hint of orange during your next wash, rest assured it’s our specialized soap meticulously lifting dirt away, ensuring your car remains unharmed.

BMW being washed at Autowash
Autowash uses the same non-corrosive chemistry in all their wash options

So, to our esteemed Autowash community, we say: “Wash with confidence.” With us, it's not just about the shine, but also about preserving the stories and adventures your car embodies. It’s about making sure the reflection in your car’s paint is as clear as the memories you have driving it.

In conclusion, the essence of a great car wash lies in the unseen molecules that interact with your vehicle. Choose wisely, choose Autowash, because you love your car!™️


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