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Don't Let Acid Rain Ruin Your Paint

It's a well-known fact that acid rain can have a negative impact on various surfaces, including buildings, crops, and natural ecosystems. However, one of the more significant consequences of acid rain for car lovers is the damage it can inflict on a vehicle's paint.

When acidic compounds, such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, combine with moisture in the atmosphere, they form a mixture that can settle on the surface of a car. Once on the surface, these acidic compounds can react with the paint, leading to a range of issues. Over time, the acid rain can cause the clear coat to lose its luster. Additionally, the acid can corrode the paint, which can result in pitting or etching of the surface that manifests as something that looks like water spots. Known as "acid rain etching", these spots will not wash away and if the damage is severe enough it can require costly repairs such as sanding, professional paint correction, or even a repaint to repair!

Oxidized damaged paint

To avoid these problems it's essential to take preventative measures to protect your car's paint. Left to dwell on the paint, especially until the next sunny day will significantly compound these issues. Visiting your local Autowash location to take advantage of your membership after a rain storm safely and gently neutralizes these residues and removes them from the surface before they can do any permanent damage.

Our premium, proprietary, chemical formulas are non-corrosive and will help to neutralize the acid rain contamination at the same time they gently emulsify dirt and lift it away from your vehicles surface while the right mix of spot-free, heated, high pressure water rinse it all away. Don't let acid rain damage your vehicles delicate finish, when Autowash can help you easily prevent damage and keep your car looking it's best, regardless of the season!



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