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Caring for your Coating: Autowash Makes Ceramic Coating Care Easy!

Beyond the Wash Eps. 005

You've applied or paid a professional to apply a ceramic coating to your vehicle, but now what? The time and money invested in the latest chemical protection for your vehicle is just the start. Maintaining that layer of protection so it continues to perform for years to come is important. Find out how Autowash can be a part of that maintenance program.

Frustrated with Denver car washes that leave scratches or residues? Concerned about harsh chemicals damaging your car's paint or the environment? Traditional washing methods often fall short, risking damage to your vehicle with abrasive brushes and harmful chemicals.

With Autowash, those worries become a thing of the past. Our unique touch-free technology combined with acid-free soaps and spot-free rinses effectively remove dirt without ever touching your car, guaranteeing that your vehicle remains pristine and scratch-free throughout the cleaning process. Plus, our app makes managing your washes and car wash membership effortless, providing access to over 20 convenient Colorado locations any day, any time. 


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