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Leading Car Manufacturers Recommend Touchless Car Washes

Because you love your car, maintaining the pristine condition of its paintwork is a top priority. With the evolution of car care technology, touchless car washes, like Autowash, have gained popularity among both car enthusiasts and manufacturers. When deployed with the right equipment, chemistry, and water, a touch-free wash method eliminates the risk of potential scratches or damage to the vehicle's paintwork, making it an ideal choice for automotive aficionados. But did you know that several prominent car manufacturers recommend touchless car washes to ensure the longevity and visual appeal of their vehicles in their owner's manuals? It's true! As you search through the owner's manuals of most automotive manufacturers, guidance will include recommendations for cleaning methods that minimize the risk of damage. After all, the manufacturer wants its product to continue to look its best as a representation of the brand.

Manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi all make specific references to avoiding harsh, corrosive chemicals and friction-based washes. To quote Audi specifically: 'It is best to use a car wash without revolving bristles.' Regardless of the wording or focus, manufacturers like these have taken great care to communicate the importance of safe, gentle, and effective washing methods to maintain their high-end vehicles.

Audi being washed at Autowash

But, it isn't just limited to German luxury brands. Tesla, a revolutionary force in the automotive industry, is not only cutting-edge in their technology but in how they manage the ownership experience. The company acknowledges the importance of touchless car washes in maintaining the appearance and condition of their cars. Tesla owners are encouraged to utilize touchless car washes to protect the sensitive surfaces of their vehicles while reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional, brush-based car washes. Specifically, the Tesla manuals state: 'If washing in an automatic car wash, use touchless car washes only. These car washes have no parts (brushes, etc.) that touch the surfaces of your Tesla.'

Tesla in automatic wash bay at Autowash

The recommendation of touchless car wash processes by prominent car manufacturers doesn't stop there. From Toyota to Chevrolet and Cadillac to Kia, you'll find recommendations to avoid spinning brushes and acidic cleaners. But luckily at Autowash, you won't find those things, because we provide a safe, convenient, and factory-recommended touchless cleaning process for your car, regardless of who manufactured it.

BMW outside of Autowash car wash

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