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Welcome to the upgraded Autowash experience! We've been hard at work rolling out upgrades to our locations that will reduce wait times, increase accessibility to our touchless washes, and give you more value with every visit. 

Autowash kiosk


Autowash has designed and built our own kiosks, optimized for our locations, and streamlined to work with the app. Now instead of typing in a code on a keypad, you'll be given a QR code in the app that you can quickly and easily scan to redeem a wash. Our new tech also allows our team to correct some issues remotely, reducing bay downtime for minor technical issues and increasing your access to the wash! 

Blue BMW being washed at Autowash


You asked and we listend! Our touchless bays have been upgraded with new optical sensors that allow us to remove the center guide bar and treadle pad, so now you can go as low as you want as clearance issues are a thing of the past! 

White car getting an undercarriage wash at Autowash


Customize your wash with wash upgrades and add-ons. Our upgraded locations will start to feature additional wash options for you to customize your experience, starting with double undercarriage in our touchless bays. For a fee you can now add twice the undercarriage cleaning for those times when you've driven through some serious grime. More upgrades and add-on features will be coming to touchless and self-serve soon! 

Cars in Line for Car Wash at Autowash


By streamlining the kiosk system, upgrading to optical sensors, and improving our software on site, upgraded Autowash locations have seen a reduction in wait times as much as 30%. That means that lines will move faster getting you into and out of the wash quicker. While we cannot rush a quality wash, we have invested a ton of effort in research in ways to reduce your wait time. 

App Activated Vacuum


No more fumbling for quarters or messing with codes. With our new app-activated vacuums you simply open the app, point the camera at the QR code on the vacuum and it instantly turns on. It's the fastest way to vacuum you've ever seen! 

Car outside of Autowash Location


Upgraded Autowash locations use our new cashless system, which increases the safety and security for our customers and staff. Don't worry! If you still need to use cash we have a solution for you at our Account Management Station. 

Do I have to use the app? 

No. Autowash will continue to accept credit cards using highly secure tap-to-pay and chip reading devices on every touchless and self-serve station. However, using the app means you earn loyalty points with every purchase that you can then redeem for discounts and other perks, so using the app will maximize your benefits at Autowash!

If I don't want to use a credit card, what are my options? 

"Cashless" is a relative term. There will still be one location on every site where you can load your account using cash. Where the change machines were previously, you'll find the Account Management Station, which will allow you to quickly and easily load cash onto your account, but does require you to use the app. You can insert cash into the machine which will instantly load those dollars onto your digital wallet to purchase washes, vacuum time, etc. 

Why is Autowash going to cashless? 

There are several reasons we are making this change across our entire network, but the main three are SAFETY, STREAMLINING, & SAVINGS. Cash handling by customers or our team on site invites criminal activity and vandalism. By limiting cash to only one, secure location on site we significantly increase the safety for our customers and team. Cash tends to slow down the flow and increase wait times as people walk to and from the change machine or fumble with quarters and bill acceptors. Removing this bottleneck shortens wait times and streamlines the process for everyone! Lastly, our customers earn loyalty points with in-app purchases which can be redeemed for rewards like discounts and other perks that can save you money! 

Which locations have been upgraded?

We're moving QUICK! Our team is currently converting locations at a pace of one per week. Because of the pace we're moving the goal is to have all Autowash locations completed with the new systems and upgrades before the end of the summer. If you're not sure if a location has been upgraded yet, reach out to our team. They'll be happy to provide the status of any site. CONTACT US

DOWNLOAD THE APP, GET 300 LOYALTY POINTS FREE! (That's $25 in Wash Credit)

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