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If you're here, you've visited an Autowash location that is transitioning to our newest technology including faster transactions, reduced wait times, optional wash upgrades, and more! Not to worry, we're here to help and show you all the benefits you'll start to see as we make this change. 



Autowash app on mobile phone
Do I have to use the app? 

No. Autowash will continue to accept credit cards using highly secure tap-to-pay and chip reading devices on every touchless and self-serve station. However, using the app means you earn loyalty points with every purchase that you can then redeem for discounts and other perks, so using the app will maximize your benefits at Autowash!

I don't have a credit card, how can I use this location? 

"Cashless" is a relative term. There will still be one location on every site where you can load your account using cash. Where the change machines were previously, you'll find the Account Management Station, which will allow you to quickly and easily load cash onto your account. This will require the app, so download it before you visit the location to save time. You can insert cash into the machine which will instantly load those dollars onto your digital wallet to purchase washes, vacuum time, etc. 

Why is Autowash going to cashless? 

There are several reasons we are making this change across our entire network, but the main three are SAFETY, STREAMLINING, & SAVINGS. Cash handling by customers or our team on site invites criminal activity and vandalism. By limiting cash to only one, secure location on site we significantly increase the safety for our customers and team. Cash tends to slow down the flow and increase wait times as people walk to and from the change machine or fumble with quarters and bill acceptors. Removing this bottleneck shortens wait times and streamlines the process for everyone! Lastly, our customers earn loyalty points with in-app purchases which can be redeemed for rewards like discounts and other perks that can save you money! 

When will the change be completed? 

Our team is working diligently through each location to implement upgrades to our equipment as well as transition to our cashless system. If you've seen a "CASHLESS IS COMING" sign it likely means we are less than a month from converting that site. The location may partially or fully close for a day or two as we make the changes, so plan accordingly. If you need suggestions for an alternative location or other assistance, please call or text  our customer success team at 303-927-9061 

Are there any other updates happening to these locations?

YES! Autowash locations that receive the new kiosk hardware and update to cashless will also see updated and refreshed equipment in our wash bays, including the removal of the treadle pad and use of new optical sensors to make entering and exiting the automatic bays easier. You'll also see new add-on wash options and other great updates to make your washing experience unique and awesome! 

What should I do to get ready?

Download the app and set up your profile if you haven't already. That is it! The Autowash app makes your entire washing experience better, plus earns you loyalty points with every dollar you spend. If you've used our app before, then you're already familiar with how it works and you'll continue to see all the benefits with each visit.

DOWNLOAD THE APP, GET 300 LOYALTY POINTS FREE! (That's $25 in Wash Credit)

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