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DO NO HARM: The Autowash Touchless Washing Philosophy

Updated: May 14

At Autowash we do things differently than most car washes because we love our cars, and we are sure you do too! That is why we've developed a better car washing process and continue to be the best touchless cleaning experience you'll find anywhere. But why is touchless so important? Let's dive in...

Comparison of Autowash and tunnel washes

Because friction-based washes can cause significant damage to your vehicle's exterior! From bent antennas and ripped trim pieces to the thousands of tiny micro-scratches that dull the paint and compromise its integrity, the friction-based process at other car washes is hard on your car.

The typical friction-based car wash today uses several types of cloth, either that swing/dangle from overhead or spin at variable RPM to scrub the dirt from the vehicle's exterior. While many will claim to use "scratchless" or "scratch-free" material the fact remains that those materials have touched thousands of dirty vehicles before your car went through the tunnel. Even if the material was soft enough to touch your paint without causing damage, it can be loaded up with a mix of dirt, debris, pollen, bug guts, and whatever else it has scrubbed from countless other dirty cars before yours. As it grinds this abrasive mix of dirt into your clearcoat it causes thousands and thousands of tiny micro scratches, effectively dulling the finish and causing long-term harm to your paint.

Friction wash damage compared to a scratch free car

But the damage potential doesn't stop there, unfortunately. Even if you choose to ignore the scratches the reality is that the complex shapes and protrusions like mirrors, antennas, trim, wiper blades, and even your license plate are prime candidates to become tangled in one of these spinning brushes. This is where you'll see parts of your car bent, cracked, damaged, or in some cases completely removed. YIKES!

Broken side mirror

So the next time you find yourself in one of Autowash's automatic touchless bays, take a moment to appreciate the process. As our carefully selected combination of filtered, warmed, and pressurized water rinses the acid-free soaps from your paint, know that you're doing the right thing for your car, giving it a premium touchless cleaning experience that will never cause damage or dull your finish!

Autowash makes maintaining a clean, scratch-free car easy! Our 20+ locations feature the industry’s best in touch-free and self-serve car wash equipment and chemistry. Use the app to purchase your washes and save with automatic discounts, or join our membership program and wash as much as you like for one fixed, low monthly cost.

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