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An Autowash (Short) Story

Updated: 1 day ago

People always ask Dennis and I, “why a car wash?,” “why the automotive appearance business?," or “what got you interested in this whole industry?” We always tell them that it really comes down to when we first got married.

For our honeymoon we actually went to a three day financial seminar bootcamp (really romantic stuff). Initially, we were just looking for a way to build a family business and to ultimately build a comfortable life for ourselves and our kids. When we left the seminar we happened to swing by one of our favorite car washes. The owner’s Saab was outside so we knocked on the door and he answered a ton of our questions. We left that night thinking, yep we could own car washes!

After seven years of research, planning, pulling together every dime we could and multiple failed designs, Autowash@Stapleton was opened in 2013 as a whopping success.

We now have seven locations and we're looking to build a couple more. By the end of 2021 we’re hoping to have twenty-five locations open along the Colorado Front Range. See, we have never wanted to have just one or two car washes, we have always wanted to build it to be a big company with hundreds of locations, we want to build a national brand.

We really are here for people who love their cars and that's not going to change. Whether you are the DIY type that prefers the self serve bays, someone who likes a little help every now and then with a touchless automatic wash, or the type of car owner that would prefer a detailer to handle it all, Autowash has something for you to get the job done right. Give us a call, text, or swing by – we are always here to help.


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