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Featuring the Autowash Hydrophobic Polymers

The Superior wash is designed to provide an awesome automatic car wash and adds a vehicle contouring high pressure rinse and a tri-color foam clear coat protectant along with the contouring dryer cycle.  Because of the contour, most attachments and accessories are not allowed on our top three wash levels.  What is Contour?


  • Powerful Heated undercarriage with Comtec Guard Protectant

  • 2-stage Heated Presoak to break up dirt and grime featuring Comtec Clean and Fortify Plus with mag-chloride remover

  • Industry leading High Pressure Contouring rinse with a Rocker Panel and Wheel Blaster cleaning technology

  • NEW!  Complete Crush Cleaning Foam with the power of Orange to get rid of dirt and add shine at the same time!

  • Comtec Guard Polymer Protectant to prevent damage from MagChloride and other harmful elements.

  • Spot Free Rinse featuring Triple Filtered, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Mineral Free water 

  • Vehicle Contouring Dryer

This wash can take almost any vehicle that is under the clearance bar.  Maximum height is 7'6".

Autowash's Ram 1500 in Autowash Rinse Cycle
Autowash's pickup truck with atngachments warnig
Jeep with Attachments warning
Autowash SUV with Bike attachments
Subaru with attachments warning

Have These  or other attachments?

Do not use this level wash if you have any attachments on your vehicle.

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