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Why Autowash?

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Because We Love Your Car

All car washes are not created equally. Nor do they operate the same, carry the same beliefs or have a common goal of providing excellent service to their customers, let alone a clean car. At Autowash, there are many reasons that differentiate our company from the competition, but it comes with a catch. That ‘catch’ is that you must love your car to appreciate the difference.

When we say, “because you love your car”, we understand that you take pride in who you are, and your car is an extension of that pride. We understand that your car is valuable to you. Not only does your car get you to work every day and home every night, but you appreciate that near perfect finish and glimmer when you look back at it every time you park it and walk away. Rarely does your car not receive a double take combined with a thought of, “Yeah, love that car”.

So, if you love your car, then Autowash IS the preferred car care company to help you take care of your car. But why Autowash?

First, our car washes were built to do no harm. We wanted to make sure that people who were washing their cars at Autowash could trust that they could wash for years to come.

The Best Touchless Wash Experience

We have gone to extreme lengths to make sure that Autowash has the best soaps available to provide a safe clean that gets the job done, and never uses any acids.

Most car washes use harmful, aggressive chemicals and detergents to burn dirt off quickly. Some of the other chemicals are acids and what we know about acids is that they keep working until they are neutralized. Going through fast washes, those acids are not 100% neutralized, so some of it keeps working and can cause long term damage with repeated exposure and longer periods of time.

If you’ve heard that touchless car washes have to use acids (usually from your detailer or a car group), that is mostly true – except at Autowash, where you can always count on our soaps to be acid free thanks to great chemists that create the propriety Autowash blends. Most gas station washes, express tunnels and car washes that highlight how “fast” they are, are using acids to speed up the process to get more cars through faster. This part is physics.

Instead, Autowash created it’s own line of soaps for our car washes, detail shops and our at home products. It costs a little more to do the right thing, but this is an area where we absolutely refuse to cut corners . Afterall, isn’t your car worth the good stuff?

Another area where Autowash separates is our Spot Free Water. Most car washes don’t use true spot-free water, and it’s a choice. Spot-Free water doesn’t move as fast off of the car drying, so some car washes will use untreated water to the wash dries faster. We chose to make sure we use 99.995% mineral free water so that we never leave hard water spots on the vehicle – even if that means that a few extra drops of water are left on the car, they are safe. Can you do into the multiple step process to purifying our water?

Autowash is touchless because we know that no matter how ‘safe’ a friction wash is, it is going to create micro-abrasions or micro-scratches to the car’s clear coat. These are commonly called swirl-marks and the more often a friction wash is used, and anything that touches the car’s surface besides soap and water is friction, the more ‘damage’ is done to the surface of the vehicle.

This damage isn’t necessarily obvious to the untrained eye, however. But ask any professional detailer (not some off the street hack) and they will be more than happy to show you the difference! One word of caution here. If you get exposed to the view of swirl marks, you will never be able to unsee them. Matter of fact, you’ll wonder how you never saw them before. Yeah, its like that.

Swirl marks are also created by using the wrong kind of towel to dry off the car. Using a terry towel or bath towel, will also cause swirls to appear in the clear coat of the car. Using high quality Micro-Fiber Towels are the only way to properly dry off a vehicle. Microfiber towels from Costco, Wal-mart and Target are not the highest quality – the general rule is if the towels are from China, they are not good enough. The best microfiber actually comes out of South Korea Autowash only stocks the highest quality towels including in our vending machines, detail shop and our store. If you love your car, please do not use a bath towel to dry your car anymore.

Superior Customer Service

Great customer service is not common. Because car washes are a collection of parts, pumps, hoses and more, we know that things are going to break in the wash, things are going to happen that we did not intend. Autowash launched one of the industry's first customer support call center to make sure our customers are absolutely taken care of whenever the wash isn’t perfect.

Our car washes are operating and functioning properly about 97% of the time, and we’re working hard to make that 99%. So for the times that wash doesn’t work, our team is ready to help. We’ve set our program up so that you can get a live representative 7 days a week, but also created the ability for customers to text or email if they have issues. Our promise is to make sure that we return all messages within 24 hours, but often much sooner.

If you ever have an issue with one of our washes, we’re just a call or text away. You love your car and we understand that your time is valuable. Autowash is always here to help.

Part of why Autowash has the view it does is because we also operate world class detailing facilities and as a member of the International Detailers Association, we invested heavily in learning the proper ways to take care of cars while maintaining the highest standards of excellence. At Autowash, we’ve learned that the best path to success excludes shortcuts.

There are many good detailers to choose from, and we built Autowash to be a name you can trust to keep you in the front seat when taking care of your car.

Environmentally Conscious

Taking care of the environment is another reason, Why Autowash? There are no shortcuts or gimmicks to make sure we’re doing things the right way. Whether at the detail shops or our car washes, we take extra steps to make sure that the environment is not harmed by our operations.

  • No forever chemicals. – None of our soaps or products contain any PFAs (Forever Chemicals). Never have, never will.

  • No Acids – same answer here. None of our soaps or products contain any acids. Never have, never will.

  • Recapture all waste-water – Our car washes recycle about 40% of all of the water consumed at our facilities. What we don’t reclaim, we filter multiple times before sending the dirty water to the sanitation department. Washing in driveways, alleys, parking lots lets all of the contaminated water flow into the fresh water system (commonly called the storm water system), and ultimately straight to fish and wildlife in our rivers, lakes, and streams.

  • Re-usable 30 gallon drums – because plastics are not easily recycled (if at all), we reuse our 30 gallon drums over and over again, creating less waste than most of today’s car washes. Many of todays car washes use 1 gallon jugs that are not recyclable and create excess waste.

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