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About Magnesium Chloride and what it can do to your car. RINSE SNOW REPEAT

MAG- What is it good for? Absolutely Melting!

MagChloride is a very effective de-icing salt sprayed on the roads during the Winter months.

It is safer for your paint than conventional salt or sand compounds but it sure will corrode the exposed metal parts of your car, especially parts exposed in the undercarriage. Think, Tailpipe, exhaust system, wheels/rims, wires, brakes and oil pan to name a few. It is also known as a better choice for the environment because it isn’t as damaging to lakes and streams in runoff water than some other salts and chemicals out there.

In fact, Colorado Department of Transportation website recommends you wash MagChloride  off of your vehicle after every storm.

Another great and very practical reason to frequently wash Mag Chloride off of your car or truck is it accumulates a thick film on top of windows, indicator lights and your ever important headlights.

Autowash’s automatic bays provide a high-pressure undercarriage spray immediately upon entering to get rid of the MagChloride that has coated the underside of your car or truck! Smart thinking huh?

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