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Mag Chloride and your Car's Paint

What is Magnesium Chloride?
Magnesium Chloride is a salt with chemical composition MgCl. This salt has multiple uses, one is to lower the freezing point of water. When added to snow and ice, Magnesium Chloride lowers the freezing temperature to 5°F, 27° lower than the typical freezing point. The only con is that Mag Chloride attracts moisture. 
AKA leave it on your car and it attracts water to rust out the parts!!!

Why do we use Magnesium Chloride instead of Sodium Chloride?

Magnesium Chloride melts ice and snow faster than Sodium Chloride!Magnesium Chloride works in temperatures a full 10° lower than Sodium Chloride!Magnesium Chloride doesn't corrode concrete, bridges, and infrastructure like Sodium Chloride does!Less Ice Saves Lives!

Mag Chloride Damage Cannot be Repaired, ONLY Prevented!

Magnesium Chloride is especially corrosive to metals, and therefore vehicles. To prevent the rust damage, clean off the salts. Wash your car after each snow or cold spell to stop the corrosion from that particular exposure. Just drive through one of our automatic car washes, or spray it down yourself. Thorough cleaning every spring is a good idea as well. Pop the hood and generously, but gently, spray down the motor and insides of the system. 

Why don't they just use Rock Salt or Sodium Chloride?  

Table Salt, Rock Salt, or NaCl, is the ingredient in Sodium Chloride. Sodium Chloride, like Magnesium Chloride will melt ice and snow. But Sodium Chloride only lowers the freezing temperature of ice and snow to 15°F, 17° lower than the typical freezing point. Plus Rock Salt is very corrosive to concrete. 

Mag Chloride just means dirty cars on safe roads.

Next time you are in a storm on a Colorado Road and see a Department of Transportation truck roll by, rejoice that the roads are passable. Magnesium Chloride is a major contributor to the reduced black ice and snow related fatalities for you, yours, and your neighbors. Now we just need to make sure we care for your car.

Wash off the Mag Chloride, and Keep Your Feet Dry!!!

The Autowash Automatic Car Washes are designed to wash off Magnesium Chloride. Our State of the Art Karcher Automatic car wash systems are specifically designed to combat Magnesium Chloride exposure. As you drive into our car washes the under carriage jets start by prepping your car. Next Karcher's World Leading Car Wash systems remove Mag Chloride from your wheel wells, rims, and other exposed ares. Before you leave our car wash, all exposed metals have been cleaned while you kept your feet dry. Just sit and wash... 

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