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The Autowash Difference

Environment:  When you use an Autowash carwash, the dirt, oil, and chemicals that your car picks up while driving is filtered at least two times before it is treated by your city’s sanitary system.


Washing your car at home pollutes our streams, ponds and lakes because the dirty, oily and soapy water flows into your storm sewer and directly into the wetlands.   


Water Conservation:  The Autowash recycles up to 40% of all the water used at the carwash.  Our washes meet or exceed the Denver Water Car Wash Certification program for conservation.

Colorado stream with fisherman
Children in front of school bus

Community:  Autowash helps local schools and organizations raise money to help the youth in our communities. 

Fundraising:  Autowash fundraisers include pre-selling packs of car washes to supporters.  Schools keep 80% of the proceeds of all wash packages sold.  Interested? Have your school contact us at

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