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BMW i8 in Autowash Touch Free Car Wash
2016 BMW i8 Spot Free Rinse
BMW i8 in Autowash Car Wash
Hand drying of a clean car
Welcome to Autowash, with an incredible detail service, superior touch-free car washes and fantastic self-serve car washes, we help you love, clean and protect your car!

Autowash Unlimited App

$35 Unlimited Touchless Wash · Self-Serve· Dog Wash·Vacuums · Air*

*Limited one vehicle wash per day

Helping you keep it clean

At Autowash, you're in charge.  You choose how to clean your car or truck your way.  The Do-it-yourself experience, upgraded.

Play it safe, do it right!

No harsh chemicals here, we safely remove dirt and grime with  moderate pH soaps and polymers.  We only use the best chemistry, hot water and properly filtered water to make sure that your ride can be spot free.

Remember to only use microfiber towels to dry off completely for a scratch free shine!

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