Advertise at Autowash

In the App & On Screen

A unique branding opportunity to micro-target neighborhood specific customers that are looking for your product or service. 


Grab the attention of residents in the 3-5 mile area around the car wash and let them know you're part of the neighborhood!


While washing over 10,000 vehicles per month at a location, get seen by a demographic that cares about their cars and, by extension, their appearance!

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Put Your Brand Front & Center!

Build your brand while your customers wait in our lines!

If you've got a local brand or service that you think the community needs to know about, you can leverage Autowash to grab their attention...






* Guaranteed to be shown to 90% of wash users.  

In the App..

While your brand is displayed on the giant boards in front of the customer, get their attention in our membership app too!


Our deals tab is full of special deals, offers and links for Autowash customers to take advantage of.  

When a user finishes their wash, we direct them to the deals tab to make sure THEY don't miss out on any offers. 

We don't want YOU to miss out on them choosing you as their next favorite brand!


What's the alternative?




None of these allow customers to click to your content!

Unlock Autowash Ads for just


6 & 12 month terms

Ads run 24/7 as long as the wash is open.

We'll show your brand to almost every customer who washes their vehicle

When they click on your ad in the deals tab, whether you use a landing page or pixel on your website, you'll be able to remarket your future customers

Frequently asked questions

When will I be billed for my Autowash Ads?

We bill for the month on the first of each month using ACH or Credit Card processing. Once your ad is approved by you, we will schedule your ad and begin the billing cycle.

Still Have Questions? Contact Our Autowash Customer Team

If you still have questions about signing up or how the program works — visit one of our stores and our team members will be able to best assist you.

If you are a member already and have questions about your account you can:

· Visit one of our locations

· email us at

· call our team at 303-927-9061

How do Autowash Ads work?

Autowash Ads is a system that combines brand awareness with advertising by matching up the display ad that is shown on the board to the consumer to build awereness with an ad, offer or other promotion inside the Autowash App. This allows the consumer to recognize you as the advertiser when they see the offer in the app. When a user clicks on the offer in the app to redeem, they are then directed to a web page of your choice.

How long is an ad spot?

Each ad spot is 6 seconds in length. Up to 4 consecutive add slots may be purchased and connected to create up to a 24 second ad or video.

What is the up time?

Our commitiment is to show the boards to every customer that uses the automatic wash at a location. We expect that your ad will be shown to at least 90% of all wash users. If a bay is shut down, the ad still runs.

Are ads also included in the Autowash App?

Yes, we include a clickable "Deal" in our app under our deals tab. This link may be pointed to any website or phone number you would like potential customers to be connected to.

Do I have to provide all the artwork?

Provide us your logo and preferred font and we can help create an ad that works for you. Remember, the boards are a branding opportunity, while more information can be loaded into the Deal offer.