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Advertise at Autowash

In the App & On Screen

A unique branding opportunity to micro-target neighborhood specific customers that are looking for your product or service. 


Grab the attention of residents in the 3-5 mile area around the car wash and let them know you're part of the neighborhood!


While washing over 10,000 vehicles per month at a location, get seen by a demographic that cares about their cars and, by extension, their appearance!

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Put Your Brand Front & Center!

Build your brand while your customers wait in our lines!

If you've got a local brand or service that you think the community needs to know about, you can leverage Autowash to grab their attention...






* Guaranteed to be shown to 90% of wash users.  

In the App..

While your brand is displayed on the giant boards in front of the customer, get their attention in our membership app too!


Our deals tab is full of special deals, offers and links for Autowash customers to take advantage of.  

When a user finishes their wash, we direct them to the deals tab to make sure THEY don't miss out on any offers. 

We don't want YOU to miss out on them choosing you as their next favorite brand!


What's the alternative?




None of these allow customers to click to your content!

Unlock Autowash Ads for just


6 & 12 month terms

Ads run 24/7 as long as the wash is open.

We'll show your brand to almost every customer who washes their vehicle/7 as long as the wash is open.

When they click on your ad in the deals tab, whether you use a landing page or pixel on your website, you'll be able to remarket your future customers

  • Is the app only for members?
    NO! Anyone can use the Autowash app, member or not. If you're not ready for membership the app makes your visits to Autowash convenient and easy. No fumbling for cash or swiping your credit card. Simply open the app and make your wash selection. Best of all, every single dollar spent in the app earns you loyalty points that can be redeemed for additional savings! If you choose to join our membership program the app is required to access your member benefits.
  • How does the Autowash App work?
    When you download the Autowash App, you get full access to all Autowash car wash locations. The app knows your location so all you have to do is visit an Autowash location, open the app, tap "Get A Wash" and follow the prompts. Remember, you must be at a wash location to get your wash. The app lets you pay-per-wash as a non-member and automatically earn loyalty points. If you wash often then you can join a membership level that suits your washing needs and wash up to once every day for one low monthly price. Any car, any location, any day! The app is ready to use for Self-Serve, Automatic, Vacuums, Dog Washes and the Express Wash. Be sure to carefully read all the screens your first time through until you get the hang of it, we really tried to make it very simple to use! If you ever have a question about the app, give our friendly Customer Success Team a call or text at (303)927-9061 and they'll be happy to assist.
  • Once I download the app, will I be able to use it at any of your Autowash Car Wash locations?
    Yes, the Autowash App can be used at any of our Autowash Car Wash locations for purchasing a single wash or managing your membership. You can always open the app to view promotions, purchase prepaid washes, check your loyalty points balance, update your payment method, view your wash history, play games and more. The only functions that don't work until you'are at an Autowash location is activating the wash, vacuums, dog wash, etc.
  • Does the Autowash app have a fee?
    The Autowash app is free to download and use. You will be required to enter a payment method to complete your account setup, but nothing is charged until you make a purchase. If you decide to join our membership program you will be billed every 30 days for your selected membership level.
  • Can I use my Autowash App with more than one vehicle?
    Yes! You can use the app with more than vehicle, you just need to have your phone with you when you visit the Autowash location. Remember, you can only wash one car a day with the membership plan, but if you need additional washes they are available to purchase in the app.
  • How does the Garage work?
    The garage is a fun feature to personalize the app and customize your Autowash experience. You may add as many vehicles as needed to your plan. Adding vehicles does NOT limit your membership, you may still wash any vehicle, at any location, on any day.
  • Does the App include Self-Serve washing?
    Yes. You can use the Self-Serve bays to wash your car using the app. Open the app, select self-serve, follow the prompts enter or scan your code and the bay is all yours. Press the 'stop' button twice to turn the bay off when you are finished.
  • Does the App include Dog washing?
    Yes. You are able to use the Dog Wash Bays through the app. The app provides multiple 15-minute codes for you to use the dog wash bay, just enter or scan your code, and the dog wash is all yours. Press the 'stop' button to turn the bay off when you are finished.
  • How do I use the vacuums through the app?
    You can get vacuum codes as you need, all you have to do is select Vacuum from the menu in the app! Then enter the code on the vacuum. Each code gives you 4 minutes of vacuum time. If you visit one of our new cashless vacuum locations vacuums are even easier! Open the app, select vacuum, and follow the prompts to scan the QR code on the vacuum. Our advanced app technology will know which vacuum you want to use and turn it on for you.
  • Can I advertise in the Autowash app? How does it work?
    Yes! We're always looking for new partners to collaborate with. Reach out to our customer service team for more info at 303-927-9061 or by email The Autowash app provides unique opportunities to present your business to hundreds of thousands of customers in the local market.
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