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The Autowash Team

Meet the Faces Behind the Touchless Brand





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The Beginning

Leading The Industry Through Quality

The Touchless Story

From The Founders, Dennis & Erin

We are always asked, how’d did the company get started? And, what made us get in the car wash or automotive appearance business?  It is actually a fun and personal story to tell.  In 2006, when we got married, we thought for a honeymoon, “wouldn’t it be great to take a cruise or travel Europe or something else on our new bucket list?” But the reality was, like many 20-somethings, we were broke.   

We were just starting out, we made up for what we didn’t have with optimism for the future. In the true optimistic spirit, we thought, No big deal.  We will just do something different.  Like any true nerdy researchers, we spent our honeymoon at a 3-day financial seminar boot camp. Yep, the most romantic spot for us was laying the foundation for our future.   

After 3 long, jam-packed and exhausting days, we decided that the best way to turn our financial story around was to build some kind of passive income.  Storage facility, parking lots… car wash, something... on the way home, we stopped at a car wash we had always liked and knocked on the door. Thankfully the owner answered and gave us some time to ask questions and look around. We thought we could do this. Building a car wash was No big deal! 

That was that, we were making $300 a week and we were going to build a business. We wanted to change our life, our future and do something tremendous, except, well, we were still broke. We joke that we weren’t rubbing our nickels together, we were scraping them as hard as we could! We began researching and learning about the auto appearance industry and after a year of trying to figure it out, we found out the awful truth. It takes $3 million dollars to build a car wash, and we were a bit short.  


But, we thought, no big deal!  We know people. If we could only convince everyone we know to invest $5,000 into our venture, we could get the down payment. That meant that only 100 of our best friends, family members and fools would have to take this wild ride with us. But, when we went asking all our friends, family members and fools about the “investment” they all just looked at us funny. They didn’t have any money either. The one time a good deal came around, no one had any money to invest. 

Again, we weren’t ready to quit. We kept pushing through, we scratched and clawed and begged and found a way to break into the car wash industry. Almost eight years later, eight years of talking each other off the ledge - of trusting and taking that “leap of faith,” eight bank denials, multiple failed investor meetings, several battles with city planners, architects and construction crews… Autowash was born.

It was an amazing success. We had collected so many ideas and strategies to build on, we had prepared so much, so that when we got our chance, our one chance, we could execute and win. And we did. Autowash is now a trusted brand with locations all over the Colorado frontrange and a constant stream of new locations in development and becoming a part of our network. Best of all, we've built a team dedicated to the idea of doing something different and doing it better. That mentality has found its way into the communities in which we are involved and brought with it legions of loyal customers who trust Autowash to keep their cars clean! 

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